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Meet our Orthodontist

Orthodontist- Braces & Invisalign Specialist

Co-Owner & Chief Orthodontist at Aura Dentistry

Practising Dentist & Orthodontist for more than 10 years

Previously Associate Professor in Ragas dental College & Hospital

Presently Associate Professor of Orthodontics at Chettinad Dental College & Hospital

Consultant Orthodontist in Multiple Clinics in Chennai

Invisalign & Flash Aligner Certified Orthodontist

Dental council of India no 15207

Member of Indian Orthodontic Society & Madras Orthodontic Study Group

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To revolutionize orthodontics and bring research-based practices to southwest Chennai, I wants to leverage my extensive experience in cutting-edge technologies and research-based learning. With over a decade of parallel academic and clinical careers, I am committed to advancing orthodontic care near your region.

Mission is to provide affordable, high-quality Orthodontic services to the community by continuously pursuing excellence and innovation in Orthodontics. I am committed to share my unique knowledge and expertise to creating beautiful Smiles.


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Aura Dentistry Dental Clinic in Urapakkam

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"I visited this clinic about a month back to consult orthodontic relapse. Doctor Bharath is very professional and he understands the patients concern. I asked a lot of questions and he answered patiently.He explained about this condition and did a customised braces only for lower tooth. After 2 sittings I could visibly see the difference. Gap in the lower tooth has been closed. Honestly I didn't expect the result this fast. I have visited 2 doctors earlier all suggested for full braces. The way he explained gave me the confidence to trust and do it. The entire team is very friendly and caring. I had a great experience there and I strongly suggest this clinic for any dental issues"

Our Testimonials

Anisha Jasmie

"Dr Bharath is very humble n the staff were very polite. Completed my treatment within a having much confidence in my smile. Thanks a lot sir. Will highly recommend Dr Bharath for orthodontic treatment."

"My wife fixed braces in Malaysia and came to settle down in chennai but unfortunately due pandemic she couldn't able to go back and continue the treatment. We were tried many denstist in chennai it went vain. My wife found a Aura dentistry and we went for a last option. We consulted Dr Bharat Ramesh in Oct20 and explained our situation , without any hesitation he guided the procedures and accepted for the treatment. We were very satisfied the way he approached the patient. Finally she removed the braces and we were happy with the service given by Mr Bharath and team"

Ramya Prasad

Shahul Hameed

What to expect in your Orthodontic Consultation with Dr. Bharath Ramesh?

1st Step

Understanding your Issues, Expectations

Clinically Evaluating your Teeth

2nd Step

Examination of your X-rays

Analysing your X-rays & quantifying your discrepancies

3rd Step

Digitally capturing your Teeth using our iTero Scanner

4th Step

Proper Diagnosis

And get a Custom treatment plan that fits your expectation

Final Step

Get a simulation, so that you can visualise how your end result will be

Some Smile Transformation of Dr. Bharath Ramesh

Invisible Aligners near meInvisible Aligners near me


Invisible Aligners

Embark on a journey to a perfectly aligned smile with our cutting-edge aligner service. Guided by the best aligner specialist near you, our personalized approach ensures effective and comfortable treatment.

Metal braces Metal braces

Metal braces

Discover a confident smile with our metal braces service led by the best braces specialist near you. Our expert team ensures effective, comfortable treatment, using high-quality materials for durability.

ceramic or tooth coloured bracesceramic or tooth coloured braces
Metal Self Ligation bracesMetal Self Ligation braces

Ceramic or tooth coloured braces

Welcome to our ceramic braces service, where discreet orthodontic solutions meet the expertise of the best braces specialist near you.

Metal Self Ligation braces

Experience the future of orthodontics with our metal self-ligation braces, guided by the best specialist near you. Efficient, comfortable, and transformative. Schedule your consultation today.

ceramic self ligation bracesceramic self ligation braces

Ceramic Self Ligation Braces

Elevate your orthodontic journey with our ceramic self-ligation braces, the discreet choice for a radiant smile. Guided by the best Orthodontic specialist near you,

Lingual bracesLingual braces
Functional & Orthopaedic ApplianceFunctional & Orthopaedic Appliance


Maintain your beautiful smile with our state-of-the-art retainer service. Crafted for durability and comfort, our retainers ensure your teeth stay perfectly aligned. Trust the expertise of the best retainer specialist near you

Functional & orthopaedic Appliance

Experience advanced orthodontic orthopedic appliances and functional solutions for a harmonious smile transformation. Our expert team, led by the best specialist near you, tailors personalized treatments for optimal results.

Lingual Braces

Discover the epitome of discreet orthodontics with our lingual braces service. Led by the best Lingual braces specialist near you, these braces are hidden behind your teeth for a truly invisible solution.

Orthognatic SurgeryOrthognatic Surgery

Orthognatic or Jaw Surgeries

Unlock a harmonious facial balance and confident smile through our orthognathic surgery service. Led by the best specialist in orthognathic procedures near you, our advanced surgical solutions address jaw misalignments with precision and expertise.

Myobraces or TrainersMyobraces or Trainers


Embrace a natural approach to orthodontics with our Myobrace service. Guided by the best Myobrace specialist near you, this innovative system focuses on muscle function and breathing habits for a well-aligned, healthy smile.

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