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About Dr. Bharath Ramesh, MDS

Dr. Bharath Ramesh is a renowned orthodontist with over a decade of experience in Chennai, specializing in dental alignment and jaw correction. As a certified Invisalign provider for the past four years, he has transformed numerous smiles with this innovative and discreet solution.

Credentials and Roles:

Experience: Over 11 years as a practicing orthodontist.

Invisalign Expertise: Certified Invisalign and Flash Aligner provider.

Consultant Roles: Orthodontist at multiple clinics in Chennai.

Academic Positions: Associate Professor at Chettinad Dental College & Hospital; formerly at Ragas Dental College & Hospital.

Professional Memberships: Active in the Indian Orthodontic Society and the Madras Orthodontic Study Group.

Leadership: Co-Owner and Chief Orthodontist at Aura Dentistry.

Patient Success: Successfully treated over 3,000 orthodontic patients.

Recognition: Dental Council of India registration number 15207.

Hundreds of patients in Kovilambakkam and beyond have achieved their ideal smiles under Dr. Ramesh's care. His extensive portfolio of successful Invisalign cases highlights his ability to deliver exceptional results consistently.



"Un-undoubtedly Aura is the best Dental Clinic located in downtown. From flexible appointments to professional treatments is what makes Aura the best place for all the dental needs

Dr.Bharat, grateful for the excellent dental care you’ve always given me. One can feel your expertise in handling even with eyes closed being on the other end of the drill. My Smile would not have been what it is if not for your quality workmanship.

A big “ THANKS” to you and your staff. Way to go!!."


"The way of handling the patients by Dr.Bharath and other Doctors in the clinic is really appreciable, they are warm, enthusiastic, professional and kind to all the patients, they understands the concern and acts accordingly that made me feel more comfortable in all these 2 and half years. I will be forever grateful for giving me a beautiful smile for my entire life time :)

The Clinic is well equipped and they have all sort of equipment, I strongly suggest Aura Dentistry to everyone especially for Braces and teeth alignment from my experience with them and for all sorts of Dental procedures."

Geetha Sivakumar

"It was a great experience, to get treated at "Auro Dentistry" by Dr Bharath , he explained me about the problem and treated with utmost care nearly two years

The staffs are helpful and smiling always and I feel

Consulting fee and other charges are nominal.

Thanks to Dr's Bharath & Kalpana, who put SMILE ON MY FACE.😁

Vijaya Kumar

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  • Initial Consultation- Meet with an orthodontist to evaluate if Invisalign is suitable for you & Discuss goals, treatment options, and costs.

  • Digital Scan or Impression- Get a quick, painless 3D scan or impression of your teeth. This model is used to create your personalised treatment plan.

  • Custom Aligner Creation- Aligners are designed using advanced 3D technology to gradually move your teeth. Review your treatment timeline and expected results.

  • Fitting Your First Set- Receive your first set of aligners and ensure they fit properly. Learn how to wear, remove, and care for your aligners.

  • Regular Wear- Wear aligners 20-22 hours a day, removing them only for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. Maintain good oral hygiene and aligner care.

  • Check-Ups- Visit your orthodontist every 6-8 weeks to monitor progress and get new aligners. Adjustments are made as needed to keep treatment on track.

  • Refinements (If Needed)- If adjustments are required, your treatment plan is refined, and additional aligners may be provided.

  • Completion and Transition to Retainers- Once teeth are aligned, switch to retainers to maintain your new smile. Learn how to wear and care for retainers.

  • Follow-Up Care-Continue periodic check-ups to ensure teeth stay aligned and healthy.

  • Enjoy Your New Smile!-Celebrate your straightened teeth and maintain your beautiful new smile with proper care.